10 Years No Ration

An annoyed resident Suma Devi informs us, “It has been 10 years since I got married but our ration cards have not been made yet.  Everybody excluding us got their ration cards, why are we not getting ours?”   Call to Action: This is the question asked by 25 families from Lakhapur village who have been denied their right to ration.  They have complained to the village head countless times but nothing has been done.  That is why we need your help to put pressure on him.  Please call:   Vasudev Manzi, Village Head, Kakan Village Council, Tel: +919709943462.   VV-Correspondent Ashok Paswan reports from Lakhapur village, Kakan area, Jamui district, Bihar where 25 families do not have access to ration cards and thus cannot receive the two and a half litres of edible oil, 15 kg wheat and 10 kg rice they are entitled to.   Mano Devi a resident vents out her frustration, “Only our Village Head knows why we don’t have a ration card.  We gave him everything in writing, when he came asking for votes.  At that moment he said he will provide us with all the facilities if we vote in favour for him.  We voted him to victory but he did not provide us with any of the facilities.”   Our Correspondent Ashok spoke with the Village Head Vasudev Manzi who ensured him, “I have started the process of enrollment, the ration cards will be made in 6 months or 1 year, and then we will give it to the people.”    However we still need your help to maintain pressure on him and guarantee ration cards are distributed to these 25 families.  The power of a community’s voice teamed with a camera can be seen through a similar case where VV-PACS Correspondent Reena Devi managed to bring ration to 600 families who had been denied this right in Ghadighat village, Katihar, Bihar.  She did this by showcasing her video directly to the Block Development Officer who then implemented access to rations.   This is why we need your support.  Please call the number above to ensure that these 25 families including Mano Devi and Suma Devi receive their ration cards and thus do not have to sleep on an empty stomach at night.   Watch more videos like this by clicking on this link.   Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu  

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