Research on VV

Paul Craeger, Fulbright Scholar, Research on Video Volunteers as a model for school education in the US (2016)

Akshay Roongta, MA student at Aalto university, Helsinki, using video and new technologies as a monitoring and evaluation tool (2015)

Luella Amy, PhD Scholar, Department of Communication, Studying Citizen Journalism, Hyderabad University (2014)

Erick Matzanza Kenya, For Kantari Institute, Studied VV as a model for Kenya, Spice Chungu (2014)

Tania Notley, Lecturer, School of Humanities and Communication Arts, University of Western Sydney, Australia, commissioned by the V4C network to do a study on impact research, Video Volunteers Impact Case study and Measuring Impact (2014)

Lizzy Geble, Bachelors Thesis for a German university about Indian community media, comparing it to German media (2014)

The UNESCO Chair of Community Media at the University of Hyderabad did one of the first ever studies of community media looking at the content and products (rather than process.) They studied videos produced by VV’s Women Community Monitors whose work was video monitor whether they and their neighbour were actually being empowered by a large-scale development project initiated by UNDP (2013) 

Martin Heidelberger, Humboldt University PhD candidate, "local actors of global news industry," Berlin (2013)

Manjari Sharma, MA Dissertation on VV, Department of Development Communication & Extension, Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, (2013)

Student interns created reports on VV’s role in the global freedom of expression movement around ‘right to voice,’  The business model of a rural stringers network, and an in-depth analysis of VV’s corruption videos (2013)

Harvard Kennedy School Class project on the potential use of community video as a research source/tool (2013)

David Shraga, Masters Student at the University of East Anglia, Rethinking Media Development (2013)

Eva Hoffman &  Frieder Piazena – ASA Research interns from Germany Research on Community Media models in comparison to mainstream, (2013)

IIM Ahmedabad report on making community video units sustainable (2011) Knight Foundation Report on their Grantees in the training and empowerment space (2011)

Naomi Allen Anthropology Masters Cambridge University on an adivasi VV Community Video Unit in Andhra (2010)

Alexandra Pinschmidt, Clark University Masters Thesis: "Avenues for Community Organizing and Social Change through Participatory Video, Community Screenings, and Video Activism Training in Boston and Worcester, MA: A Practitioner Report to Imagine India’s Video Volunteers’ Community Video Unit Modeled in an American Context,” 2010

NYU Stern Business School Branding Project on VV (2009) 

Parth S. Shastri, “A Study on Yuvshakti Community Video Unit at Halol initiated by Drishti Media and Video Volunteers”, Masters Thesis for the the Faculty of Journalism and Communication, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Namita Singh TISS masters dissertation on VV (2006)

Evaluation study by Anjali Monteiro and Jayashankar who run the media program at TISS, about Video Volunteers as part of an evaluation for a SDTT grant (2006).