Partner With Us

Video Volunteers has partnered with over 50 NGOs, foundations, media companies and documentary projects. Please write to us at for more information. All money earned by Video Volunteers through such collaborations enables us to empower and support more Community Producers.

Two of the main ways we partner with other groups are:


Video Volunteers trains people from marginalized communities to be Community Video Producers. We can train people in the communities where you work to report on local issues. We can then help them distribute this content both in their communities and to an international audience through online platforms and the mainstream media.

By training people from marginalized communities as Community Producers you are:

  • Enabling community members to become proficient video activists who create video content and mobilize their communities to take action
  • Providing a platform for communities to express their ideas and create sustainable solutions
  • Bringing community voices into global discussions on important social issues
  • Developing the intellectual capacities of community members who will gain a deep knowledge of multiple social issues

After the initial training, all participants are invited to become part of our IndiaUnheard network; a vibrant and diverse group of video activists working across India to bring change in their communities.


Does your organization campaign on a particular issue? Perhaps access to water, education or health? If so, have you ever wondered what it would be like to have access to a wide range of stories, on your particular issue, from across India? Video Volunteers can make this happen for you. Our Community Producers have strong associations with social movements and access to information that is otherwise difficult to get. They can provide your campaign with rich and varied grassroots stories – an excellent resource that ensures your campaign remains innovative and accessible. Learn more about how the process works here.

Please write to us at for more information.