Volunteer or Intern with Us

In recent times Video Volunteers has grown a lot through the participation of volunteers and our growth depends in part on the professionals who volunteer their skills and time with us.  We therefore value the contribution of each volunteer and intern and make sure to provide a good experience.

Interning and volunteering is a great way to be a part of Video Volunteers’ work and is also an excellent way to learn of the community media movement and contribute to strengthen it.  By interning and volunteering you will gain:

  • Insight into the community media movement.
  • Knowledge about development issues and working in a non-profit.
  • Interact with and work with people from rural and slum communities.
  • Increase your cross-cultural understanding.
  • Significantly improve your communication skills.
  • Evolve your self-reliance and teamwork skills.

Here’s who we need:

  • Filmmakers/Videographers/Journalists to make films on our community video units, individual community producers/correspondents and video document our other programs and activities.
  • Filmmakers/Video Editors to re-edit CVU and IndiaUnheard content for other audiences like funders or TV partners.
  • Young professionals and researchers to help on special projects, such as research, outreach, updating our training manuals or documentation.  Volunteers for New York may be able to work part-time.
  • People with business skills to design programs, writing impact reports, working on the business model, and look at issues like sustainability and earned income.
  • Social work or international development students to do impact assessment and case studies.
  • People with Indian language skills to help with translation of videos. This can even be done at a distance.

Volunteer with an IndiaUnheard Correspondent:

Video Volunteers can match filmmaker and video journalists volunteers with IndiaUnheard community correspondents to create a first of its kind community media volunteer program. Through this exchange, we hope to deepen the appreciation of urban-based filmmakers for community media and the process of empowering the voices of the most marginalized, to generate interesting new films combining a north-south, or urban-rural perspective, and to give our community correspondents a chance to work with filmmakers from an entirely different background.

How to Apply:

Please download this Detailed Information On Volunteering With Video Volunteers, download and fill out the Application Form and send this, along with your resume, to info@videovolunteers.org.  Let us also know your time availability and the kind of project you would like to undertake.

Please note that in most cases (though not all), volunteers will need to cover their own expenses. Filmmaker-volunteers usually need to bring their own equipment.

You can read more about our past interns and volunteers who shared their experience of working with Video Volunteers here.