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  • A Body of Pain – Questioning Marital Rape on Valentine’s Day

    Video Volunteer’s correspondents Usha Patel and Babita Maurya talk about sexual consent in UP’s villages Today is Valentine’s Day. There will hearts and candies and flowers, at least in the metros. There will also be rapes, in both cities and villages. Legally sanctioned, “sacramental”, marital rapes inside homes. The discourse around rape in India still […]

  • Doctor on Call – Medical phone service in Chhattisgarh

    Deep in the jungles of Chhattisgarh, a technological and medical revolution is underway.   “I will tell you what to give the patient for gout,” says a friendly voice on the mobile phone. The pre-recorded message then outlines the way to prepare a traditional concoction of herbs and plants to treat the condition. For the indigenous […]

  • #Notebandi Frontlines: Cashless Tribulations of India’s Tribals

    Santosh Bavash, 30, said he knew about the Internet. “I’ve heard it tells you about the future,” he told IndiaSpend when we spoke to the short and thin labourer from the village of Gyanpura, in the western district of Dhar, in Madhya Pradesh (MP), one of India’s poorest states. After the withdrawal of Rs 14 […]

  • Goa: Fishing industry’s sales fall and anger rises as going cashless remains a distant dream

    Gangu Kundaikar is a small-framed, saree-clad woman who rises at 3 am every day, wraps a cloth around her waist so fish do not soil her saree and takes a rented tempo to the Malim jetty in Panaji, North Goa, 8 km from her village, here in one of India’s most prosperous and literate states. […]

  • Kashmiri Police Constable dies as Protesting Mob Pushed Vehicle into River

    Afroz Ahmad Lone, 23-year-old police constable working in J&K Police was killed in Sangam, Anantnag district of Kashmir in July 2015. He met an untimely death when an angry mob, protesting against the Indian rule in the valley, pushed the armoured police vehicle he was driving, into river Jehlum with a trapped Afroz inside. He was […]

  • Kashmir Unrest | Elderly man died of cardiac arrest amid teargas shelling

    On the 60th day on Kashmir Unrest,  7th September 2016, there was a protest going on in Chawalgam village of South Kashmir’s Kulgam during the mass uprising. Abdul Gani, a 70-year-old man came out of his home to attend nature’s call when a tear gas exploded in his house premises. Abdul Gani suffered a cardiac arrest […]

  • Period : That which must not be named

    Daksha’s first period was a happy one –a small ceremony with special offerings was done at the temple, at home, she was given sweets to eat and was told to rest. “At the time, I thought I might have done something good, having my periods!” recalls Daksha. But from the second period onwards, Daksha was […]

  • Periods, Patriarchy and Priesthood

    Over the years, women have been breaking stereotypes and occupying male-dominated bastions with great aplomb. Yet, religion remains the one arena worldwide, that has denied women an equal footing with their male counterparts.  When Video Volunteers set out to find out what men and women thought about women conducting rituals in temples, the answer was […]

  • Gender and Marriage – India Shares Stories about Living and Defeating Patriarchy

      We are taught to conform to gender stereotypes early. But many brave individuals are also challenging them every day through their lived realities. We asked people to share their stories with us. Here are some of the stories we collected.  Is marriage the obvious step after education?   I come from a village in […]