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Afroza Mahed

Afroza Mahed


Afroza Mahed, a lady with flawless Kashmiri oratory has been a volunteer with “Society for the rehabilitation of destitute girls and victims of Violence”. An inhabitant of Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district, she has been extensively working for the justice to women who have been traumatized and victims of domestic violence. Afroza has been part of several AIDS awareness programs too and aspires to see the “Khushaal Kashmir” (Blissful Kashmir). Besides being a masters degree holder in Political Sciences, she has done her Diploma in Kashmiri language too, a rare feat in itself one could say. While she is busy penning down a book, related to the wetlands of Kashmir like Anchar Lake, Wular Lake and other such water bodies, in Kashmiri language, she takes out time to cover the stories from within her community which the mainstream media finds uninteresting to report.

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