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Abid Salaam War

Abid Salaam War


Community Correspondent Aabid Salaam War is from Baramulla District, which has been a sensitive area because of its proximity to the border. Apart from working with Global Youth Foundation as a volunteer, Aabid has written about& documented protests against State encounters in the area. Aabid recently made a documentary "Justice Denied", about missing persons picked up in the 1990's. It is a reminder to the world that justice still awaits them. As a Community Correspondent, Aabid will focus on these issues and highlight the excessive force used by the army on civilians leading to daily unrest. The media, he says, has the potential to cover issues in a fair, non-partisan way. It needs to act as a tool for common people to access and share the information they need. The current state of affairs, need to be improved and Aabid plans to do that through community media.

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  • ‘Jaagte Raho’, Night Patrols By Youths To Foil Arrests in Kashmir’s Town

    Over 7000 youths have been detained by police in the entire Kashmir valley in the nocturnal raids since last three months. Many have been slapped with stringent Public Safety Act and shifted out of the valley. In many areas of Kashmir, youths have been volunteering to patrol the streets during nights to foil such raids […]

  • A Kashmiri mother’s tale of sorrow

    Shameena, a Kashmiri mother, spends her days crying silently, longingly gazing at the picture of her smiling son Zubair Ahmed because she will never see him again. Zubair, a child of no more than 14 was killed by the Special Task Force (STF) after a chase in Sopore, Baramullah during the summer unrest in 2010. […]

  • Family narrates the tale of the killing of their son by police

    Faizan, a twelve-year-old boy, was killed by the SOG(a counter-insurgency unit of local police) men back in the summer unrest of 2010 in Kashmir’s Baramulla district. As per his family, Faizan was chased by SOG men when he was playing cricket in a local playground. After being hit on the head with a rifle’s buttstock, […]

  • How India denies ‘Right to Travel’ to Kashmiris | Abid Salam reports from Baramulla, Kashmir

    The Public Safety Act was brought into effect in 1978, primarily to adopt a tough measure against timber smuggling in the state. It was much later that the act was frequently used to control militancy-related incidents. Under this act, the government can declare any area as ‘protected’ and exercise authority to regulate entry of any […]

  • No BPL Ration Cards for Kashmiris of Baramulla

    Community Correspondent Abid reports on the plight of locals in Baramulla district of Jammu & Kashmir, who haven’t received the Below Poverty Line ration card. The card is essential to obtain subsidised food grains from government shops.