ARTICLE 17: “Killed in Untouchable Job”

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Video By Community Correspondent

Punjab might have a reputation for being a prosperous state, but the state of sanitation affairs in Jai Kumar’s community left him the lucky survivor of a bou... Connect with Jai Kumar  connect-email
ARTICLE 17: “Killed in Untouchable Job”

Sanitation workers from the Valmiki Dalit community pay for their jobs with their lives. 350 workers are reported to die each year while working.

This is unacceptable. Sign the Petition.


A Campaign to End Untouchability

ARTICLE 17 is a campaign launched by Video Volunteers on April 14th, 2012, to urge the National Commission for Schedule Castes, (the government body that is constitutionally appointed to direct and implement the safeguards against untouchability), to prosecute cases of untouchability. Community Correspondents across the country are documenting video testimonies of different forms of untouchability. The first 22 videos are featured here and more will be added as the campaign continues.

We want to give viewers the responsibility, as witnesses, to end this age-old oppression once and for all.

Sign the petition being sent to the National Commission on Scheduled Castes.

2 Responses to ARTICLE 17: “Killed in Untouchable Job”

  1. Parul says:

    I am in absolute favor of denouncing untouchability but how is this video related to the Untouchables/dalits issue? The man who died was a human being who (as far as I could make out from the video) was a victim of inappropriate safety measures. How is this related to him being a dalit? If the man who lost his life was not a Dalit, then would the loss of life be irrelevant?

  2. Parul says:

    Shouldn’t the debate here be about having proper safety measures in place for the sewer cleaners, irrespective of what cast they belong to?

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